What To Do About Manager Who Cursed At Me?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about boss: She cursed me until I was physically ill. She called the next morning asking how are you sweetie, I waited a week and put my thoughts down in an email to her about the situation and she flat out denied it ever happened.

My manager resides out of state so all of our communication is over the phone, email or we do have video link. We manage the inventory for 2 distribution centers and she says that we have to be 100% perfect. She will accept no less. Also, she does not have a good working relationship with the on-site ops manager or any of the supervisors that report to him. She tells me I cannot answer any questions that the on-site manager has and when I mentioned that he was asking questions about a large inventory transfer project she completely blew up.

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Do We Have To Tolerate Being Cussed Out?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about owner who cursed angrily:

Four of us employees were cussed out up one side and down the other the other day. The cusser was the owner of the company. We were cussed out over something we did not even do but what a supervisor in our department approved. He used the “F” word over and over and we were all females. I found this sickening and the way I have felt the past few days reminds me of the feelings I had when I got raped at a younger age. Do we have any legal recourse being treated this way or are people simply doomed to stand quietly and endure? Oh and btw he also slammed down a tray with plates on it that actually bounced up in the air from the force making us all jump. What say you?

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