Boss Cusses Me In Front of a Female Coworker

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about being cursed:

How do you deal with a boss who cusses you in front of a female coworker and you are a male employee?

Signed, Humiliated and Angry

Dear Humiliated and Angry:

Anyone would resent being cussed at in front of someone else, so I’m sure this was a bad situation for you! Most men certainly would resent being being cussed at in front of a woman. What you could do at the time and later, will vary according to the circumstances. I realize it isn’t likely you’d put the words used by your boss right in your email, but “cusses you” could mean many things. For example, it would be terrible if the boss would say, “You’re a #$#@!! and a @#@!!!, you dumb @#$#@!!”It isn’t quite so bad if the boss says, “Why the #$#@! did you do that, Bill?”Also, what words were used would make a difference.

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