Boss Lies and Manipulates Me

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a boss who lies:

What should you do when when your boss tells you stuff and forgets it and lies to cover their tracks for their mistakes?

Signed, Tired of Taking the Blame

Dear Tired of Taking the Blame:

It could be that this is a rare occurrence and you wrote because you’re frustrated at the moment. But, if this happens a lot and may harm your work reputation or result in you being sanctioned or fired, you should do something constructive to help yourself.Whether a boss or coworker is lying or just forgetting, once you know it may happen, you’re wise to do your part to ensure there is a record of what has been agreed upon, even for small matters. It isn’t always possible to document or solidify such things, but often is. For example, your boss says, “I’ll take care of the inventory paperwork, you just put the items on the shelves.” If she forgets or lies, she could say you were supposed to take care of the paperwork too.

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