Boss Talks About Coworkers To Other Coworkers

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about boss:

My boss often talks about issues she is having with one coworker to another coworker. I was made aware today by a coworker that our boss was discussing an issue she and I had with another coworker. And, she was talking loudly enough that others could hear her. Is this legal?

Signed,  I’m Talked About

Dear I’m Talked About:

Our site answers workplace communication questions, not legal. However indiscreet it is, talking about someone else is not a crime at work or outside of work. Your question suggests that you think your boss should not have disclosed to others a problem you were having with another coworker. You are displeased about and embarrassed about that. Or, it could be that your boss was discussing an issue she (your boss) and you had.

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