Frustrated, Frustrated Nurse!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about conflict with boss:

I’ve read with interest several work situations that mirror mine to a small degree, but my situation is reaching horrific levels now. I have been a nurse at a large teaching hospital for 13 years. I had an excellent rapport and reputation as a nurse and coworker until going to day shift 8 years ago after a new manager came to our unit.

We had one bully nurse who singled me out to ridicule and criticize, and the manager always sided with the bully without checking into the truth. I dealt with this helplessly until I became familiar with workplace intimidation and saw my situation for what it was. I kept thinking the bully would hang herself, and she finally did threaten to bring a gun to work because of a parking deck problem so she was finally terminated after someone called the risk management hotline when the manager hadn’t addressed the situation for several weeks.

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