Decent Management

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about want correction made privately:

Management has told me previously that you would be told if you are making errors. If you are making errors, should they not have the decency to tell you before telling the rest of the team?

Signed, Want To Be Told First

Dear Want To Be Told First:

Yes, a superior should speak first to a subordinate about her/his errors, and hopefully that would be enough. Your managers were correct in promising to do that. Should they ever talk with your team members about your errors? Possibly they should, particularly if those errors affect how others do their jobs and/or are seen by others. Your team should be the first to tell you about your errors. Your team members should tell help you learn what is required and correct what is wrong. Now how will you handle this matter? If you think your boss has spoken first to your team members about the mistakes you made, ask if him/her if that was done rather than grumble about it to others. It is always wiser to have an eye-to-eye private meeting with your boss to express your anger or disappointment than to make an enemy by talking behind her/his back. That’s what you want.

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