Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about supervisor’s favoritism:I want to speak up, but every time I do it seems like I’m showing off or I’m trying to be a superstar

What type of evidence could I use against my supervisor who is showing favoritism to others at work without sounding like a drama queen/troublemaker? Just a little history: my supervisor was a former peer and then became a lead and afterwards became my supervisor. When she was my lead, she took on the role of a supervisor/manager with my group because the current supervisor suddenly left the company. During that time I brought up a concern about another group member and within the week she didn’t realize I could hear her from my cubicle, but I heard her telling that team member what I had said, but converted it into gossip rather than helping resolve the issues. Since then, I didn’t trust her very much and have been careful about my concerns with others in the group. Now she’s’ my supervisor and what the new director of my department thinks of me is filtered through what she tells him.

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