My Boss Called Me A Liar

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a boss name calling:

In front of perhaps 40 co-workers and guests, my boss loudly berated and belittled me, actually callng me a “liar” Do I have any recourse?

Signed, I Am Not A Liar

Dear I Am Not A Liar:

What’s next? That is partly up to you and partly to your boss. Now is the time to meet with her/him and to talk about this berating and accusation. Get specifics and face up to the accusation. If you have provoked such unseemly behavior, apologize and request that your boss bring such disappointment about you to you in private in the future. Should your boss and you come to an understanding that her/his behavior was out of line, and particularly if this is a pattern of your boss, seek the advice of Human Resources or your personnel department.  Then make a written request for an investigation. Prepare a description of the public berating and of what precipitated it, and a log in other times of bullying behavior. Make several copies.

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