Boss Shoved and Shushed Me!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about pushy boss:

My department manager uses every opportunity to embarrass or/and humiliates me in front of the other employees. Recently, she was giving me instructions about where to put merchandise once it was unloaded from a truck. When she was finished with her instruction, I asked her a question pertaining to the merchandise, and she looked at me as if I were the stupidest creature on the planet. Just as she was giving me this look, a fellow employee came onto the scene. She looked at him, and while holding her hand up to my face, she told him, “I’m not talking to her”, and she began to give him the same instructions she had just given me. While she was talking to him, I interrupted, letting her know why I had asked my question, but she just kept her hand up to my face, and telling me to shush, while she kept talking to him. When she finished talking to the other employee, she shoved my face, using the hand that she was holding up during this time. I reported this to the store manager, telling him exactly what happened, and asking him if I could show him how she pushed me, and he said “yes”. He was shocked, and said he would followed company procedure by starting an investigation, which he would turn over to the cooperate office. After two weeks, my store manager told me the investigation was closed because there were no witnesses to substantiate my story. (The witness who was there would not make a statement)

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