New Boss Treating Me Rudely

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctor about new boss’ rude treatment:

At my work, there is a new person who is buying shares and going to take over. He and I have had a couple run-ins when it comes to how he speaks to me and treats me. 1. He yells at me in front of customers and co- workers. 50% of the time it is for someone else’s mistake that he blames me for (*even his mistakes*) and he doesn’t assess the situation. he just blames me.

2. He makes rude comments about the way I look. He continually criticizes the way I look, if my eyes are red from putting my contacts in, or my hair is messy because the wind blew it. If I put my hair in a ponytail like the girl I work with, its not “work appropriate” even though the other girl has her hair is a very messy ponytail.

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