Boss Is Spreading Rumors He Will Fire Me

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about boss rumor he will fire me:

My boss is spreading rumors among customers and coworkers that he will be firing me soon, but has not approached me with this matter. I am outraged and panicked. Please tell me what I can do. I brought it up with HR, but they seem to be ignoring the issue.

Signed, Worried I Will Be Fired

Dear Worried I Will Be Fired:

If what you say is true; that your boss is “spreading rumors among customers and coworkers that he will be firing me soon”; it is past time that you should get the facts and should restate this matter to HR and request an investigation. Moreover you should confront him. Would it not be better to hear it from him than to wonder and worry? Talk with him about how he sees your work and where it fits with your career goals. Don’t approach him as an enemy about to boot you out, but as one who should have your interest at heart. Meanwhile, get your ducks in a row. Reflect on what you’ve learned and skills you now have because of working in your job. Think about your boss/bossed interaction. What has gone well and what not so good? List projects on which you’ve worked. Make copies of performance evaluations. Rather than repeating the gossip you’ve heard or allowing it to echo in your head, focus on your job now.Finally, realize that a job is not you. Of course you need a job, but you are more than what you do and where you work. So workout, sing in a choir or at least sign along one of the musicians you enjoy, go to the library, tutor someone, visit the sick, pay attention to your family and count your blessings.

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