What If I Know My Boss Is Taking Money?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about boss stealing:

What will happen if I report my boss and co-worker for double dipping expenses, getting their golf membership paid for, taking money out of petty cash?

Signed, Wondering 

Dear Wondering:

That is a tough decision! A major consideration would be whether you know for sure they do not have approval for their actions. Many organizations pay for club memberships and give permission for executives or managers to use money in varying ways. So, make sure you are not misinterpreting their actions.One indicator of wrongdoing would be if they try to hide their actions. If they are open enough that you know about it, it may be they have approval. The size of the company would also make a difference. If it is very small and one or two people seem to be siphoning off money, that is one thing. If the company is large and some social expenses are paid, that might be something else.Another issue is your role in the organization. If you are responsible for some aspect of the expenditures, you could be held responsible if you know there is misuse but you do not report it. And finally, there is the issue of your relationship with your boss and coworker. If you like them and want to keep the relationship you may want to question them about it and tell them that if you notice the problems, other people will too.

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