My Boss and I Were Friends

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about disapproval of boss who was once a friend:

My boss and I were friends once and now she has let the job go to her head. At times she is overbearing and says things to me that I am uncomfortable to respond to as an employee. I feel she looks down at me and I don’t know how to tell her I don’t like the way she speaks to me, without getting in trouble.

Signed, Afraid To Say I Don’t Like It

DearĀ Afraid To Say I Don’t Like It:

In short you are working scared. You think she will penalize you in some way if you speak your mind and tell her you feel she speaks disrespectfully to you. It is not uncommon for anyone to feel afraid to tell the boss she/he is wrong. You have three options: 1.So far you have chosen to bite your tongue, but you boil inside. 2. Risk confronting her or 3. Bypass her– complain about her to her boss or Human Resources.

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