Director With Medical and Mental Problems

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about an ill director with memory loss:

Hi, my department director is a lovely woman with growing physical and mental health issues. She is on a lot of medication. Also, she is experiencing memory loss. Recently she forgot about an initiative with senior management that we had taken together a few months ago. So, when the results emerged she never told me and I only found out at a meeting where they were discussed as if I had never been involved.We talked about that one later and she acknowledged that I would have logically found that to be a weird situation. I have asked her how I can support her but she doesn’t give me much to work with. I find myself feeling resentful which is not me, and not the way I like to be at work.I am finding mentors in the organization outside of my department, but I depend on her to advance the agenda of the work our department does as she is the one who meets with senior management, etc. An increase in hours requested for my position remains in limbo – for four weeks she reported she would know by the end of the week. I think she might forget she keeps saying it to me.How does one respond to that kind of thing? At the end of the month my hours will be reduced, along with my pay, unless a budget allocation approval is provided or a reconfiguration of the contract is processed in HR. I

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