My Boss Yells And Curses Me

Question Ask the Workplace Doctors about boss who  yells and curses.

My boss yells and curses at me in front of guest in our hotel. What can I do to take this to wage and labor?

Signed, Embarrassed

Dear Embarrassed:

Your options are direct and indirect. Direct: speak to him/her about how you feel and learn if it will stop. Indirect: bypass your boss and report the yelling and cursing to the boss’ superior or Human Resources.

Direct Approach: I know it would take courage to say to your boss, “Mr. or Ms. Kemper (or whatever is her/his name), I am embarrassed when you yell and criticize me in front of our guests. If you see mistakes I am making, please explain them to me privately and don’t yell. Is that too much to ask of you?”

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