How Do I Regain Effectiveness Diminished By Boss?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about bossed/boss communication:

My supervisor encourages our organizational staff to let him know when they have “concerns” about staff or issues within his division by communicating with him directly. In proactive, when employees Email him complaining or criticizing me (for example), my boss forwards the EMail to me but doesn’t want me to respond. He also doesn’t usually copy me in on a response back to the complainant (if one is provided). Over time, this has led me to resent and mistrust colleagues who don’t take time to get the facts before firing off their Emails, and it makes me question what is the purpose of forwarding the Emails since we can’t defend ourselves from situations that we aren’t supposed to know exist? Can you suggest a more productive approach that my boss or I can use in these instances? I prefer that he would encourage complaining employees to confront the person or situation in person so that a resolution or agreement can be negotiated. Thank you for your assistance.

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