Unhappy Work Environment

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about daughter hired to boss:

I work in a place where the employees are all women. That itself is not the problem. A year back my boss made some changes, removing those who were causing the work place to be very uncomfortable. Recently she has hired her daughter and has placed her in a Management Position. She started out OK, but as time has progressed, she has found ways to push her duties on top of those of us who are already are overloaded with our own duties. She does not take the blame when she makes a mistake, but makes it appear that it was one of the employee’s mistake. Everyone that works under her is ready to quit except for one. This one, who appears to be the only happy employee under the boss’s daughter is a lot like the boss’s daughter in that she is good at pointing out others mistakes, but not her own. What can one do to bring back pleasant atmosphere that once existed before the boss’s daughter came in and caused discontent? How do you tell the boss that her daughter is hurting her company?

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