The Wife of My Boss is Harassing Me, What Can I Do?

A question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about how to deal with the wife of the boss, who is sending harassing text messages and spreading lies and rumors in a small town. 



I am the office manager of a small office and am happily married–however, my husband is very ill.  I had previously worked for my boss for ten years, but moved away when I married my husband. Because of his illness we moved back to be near to family and after having another job for a while, my current boss offered me employment as his office manager, in August of 2013

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The Boss’s Wife

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about bimbo wife : She will not attend weekly office meetings. She will not speak to any co-workers. And, worst of all, she dresses like a five-dollar hooker: short short skirts, no panty hose, high heeled gogo boots, low-low cut tops, etc.

I work in a financial planning office. We have multi-million-dollar clients. The boss is always searching for ways to bring in even higher net-worth clients. He wonders why we can’t land the “really big fish”.

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