Bossy Coworker And I Don’t Talk Anymore

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a bossy coworker:

I would like to know how to handle this lady at my work place who is older than me. She was a friend of mind but she is very bossy with me and an impatient person. I try to talk with her but it doesn’t work either way. She doesn’t listen to me at all now and we don’t talk anymore. What should I do?

Signed, Just Want To Communicate

Dear Just Want To Communicate:

There may be more going on than the issue of your coworker being bossy. However, some people want to control others and if they can’t they don’t communicate at all. Even though a friendship isn’t required, no workplace functions as well when one person won’t talk to the other. It causes perpetual tension and it distracts every employee who is aware of it. In addition, it nearly always lessens work effectiveness because work just doesn’t flow as well. Consider trying to reestablish communication by using a two step approach. If you have been trying to talk to her, stop for a day. Then, start again with the basics about work. Then after a couple of days, say hello and goodbye. Or, ask simple but more personal questions, “Isn’t the weather beautiful?”Try that for a few days. If she refuses to talk, don’t act angry or hurt, just move on and try again later.

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