Bullied At Work And Getting No Support

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about discrimination and bullying:

I am a 52 year old Caucasian female who is being bullied at work by a “family” of present and former students who happen to be African American. I bring up the race issue ONLY because as a final bit of revenge against me this family reported me to our EEOC and implied I was a racist as they said I treated them differently. This is after I had to ask the local sheriff and our security to have them leave the library because they were taunting and bullying me and I stood up and would not take it anymore. I have worked for this local community college, in the library, for more than 11 years part time. After being bullied by the mother for years and now the oldest daughter who was a student and possibly even an employee last year, I contacted my superiors for he help. I did this only after they brought a group of 6-8 to terrorize me in the library.

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Told To Sign Letter Of Insubordination!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about being bullied:

I believe I am being bullied, if not harassed by my department manager. I was selected, by the senior engineer in a different department (engineering) to attend an engineering class out of town to enhance my ability to address engineering issues for my company. My dept manager initially told me I could go, along with my direct supervisor and another engineer, but that he (dept mgr) did not want to pay for it. When his boss approved the $ for me to attend, my dept mgr. remarked that he didn’t know if both my direct supervisor and I could be off at the same time. I replied to him that our staffing levels for the week of the class were sufficient so as to not disrupt operations. He replied by stating that he would look into it. I understood that based on his response, he would decide whether or not I could go and communicate that with all affected parties. He then took a weeks vacation, during that time, my direct supervisor, the senior engineer and the my dept manager’s boss all told me I could go to this class. The engineer signed me up for the class and my supervisor gave me the expense forms to fill out. When my dept manager returned, he ordered me to cancel my class and acted outraged that I would sign up for this without his permission. I cancelled the class and my travel plans.The week after the class took place, (my supervisor and an engineer attended) my dept manager gave me a letter to sign that stated I signed up for this class with total disregard for his orders and that my behavior amounted to insubordination. I have copies of emails that support my claim that not only did I not sign up for this class, but that I was permitted to attend upon receiving approval from my dept. manager’s boss. The dept. manager has a history of using his position as a means to bully and intimidate subordinates and co-workers. I am not a problem employee or poor performer. The reason I was asked to attend this training session was due to my job performance during my time employed for this company. I have received the best performance review by two separate supervisors two years in a row.

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