My Manager Is Bullying Me?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about Bully HR manager:

I have had many various types of occurrences with my manager who is also part of our HR department. Some of them include the following: -I was speaking with another employee about his/her vacation, and my manager told me to talk about it on my own time. Yet, I would have to listen to her about her vacations, weekends, etc. -She has constantly sent e-mails to our team (a group of staff) asking if something had been replied to, knowing that I was solely responsible for replying to FAQ’s. I would always forward my original response, which she was copied into and state yes, this was replied to within xx amount of minutes after it was received. -She constantly asks me, what are you working on? When I was working on a large revenue-generating project, she told me to get my priorities straight and to put that project aside and work on non-revenue generating work. -Another time, I was working on a project that involved transferring data to a certain type of file. My manager gave me the printed instructions she had and I did exactly as it stated. It did not work. I sent an e-mail to our team asking for help. One staff member said they would help me with it the following morning due to time differences.

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