Constantly the Butt of the Joke

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about being labeled slow:

I’m an employee of three months at a coffee house. I’ve got most of the responsibilities down. I enjoy my work, like all of my coworkers, and feel confident in saying they like me too. We’ve gotten through the initial Getting Acquainted phase and worked out how to talk, relate, banter and be serious with each other without someone hitting a nerve.

My problem is, the way of relating we’ve cussed out seems to depend largely on good-natured ribbing directed at me. ‘He’s slow on the bar,’ ‘He can’t do math,’ stuff like that. Work-related. My coworkers always add, ‘You know I’m joking,’ ‘We love you, man,’ etc. And they mean it. But I need a new way to relate to them. I know they’re kidding and tend to roll my eyes gamely, but this does make it difficult to tell when I really do need to work on an element of my job, like multitasking or speed v. quality. Also, I want to eventually work up to management, and don’t think this workplace image will help. So how do I relate to them differently? Thanks.

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