Employee Bypasses Me And Goes to Manager

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about bypassing boss.

One of the employee that I supervise has never accepted me as a supervisor and continues to go to the Operation Manager who she has worked with for several years. The Operations Manager will not tell her to go ask me but will handle it herself. What can I do?

Signed, Bypassed

Dear Bypassed:

It sounds as though the Operations Manager creates part of this problem by continuing to let some one who should be reporting to you, come to him or her instead. Consider talking to the Operations Manager and explaining how problematic it is. Ask the Operations Manager to help you by not encouraging any employee to bypass you in that way and by letting you know if someone comes to him or her,so you can talk to them instead. If the Operations Manager has more experience than you, consider asking him or her for feedback about ways you could more effectively work with the employee. You say they’ve worked together a long time. He may have insights that will help you.

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