Attorney Boss Called Me A Liar

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about an attorney who labeled a staff member a liar and incompetent:

I came across a letter that was written to one of our business customers where my boss called me a liar and incompetent. The fact is he dictated the letter to someone else in the firm; they transcribed and faxed the same. He also put in writing how he was going to reprimand me. The entire letter is false. I was at work the day he wrote this transpired, and nothing was said nor has it been said. I don’t have a superior to go to. It’s a 4-lawyer law firm and no one is allowed to help the other one out. He is the senior attorney, but I just found out he doesn’t have ownership in the firm. I also know he will not handle confrontation well, and I want to maintain my composure, but this is my integrity.

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