Disclosure of My Medical Information

Question: to Ask the Workplace Doctors about Medical Information

Can I sue another employee for telling other employees my personal medical history and personal information? I was taken to the hospital after collapsing and later found out that the employee who went with me to the hospital had told other employees my personal and medical info.

Signed, Can I Sue?


Dear Can I Sue?:

Sure you can sue. I can tell you this in spite of the fact that our site doesn’t provide legal advice, as is stated where you sent your question. People can sue for almost anything. But before you do you’ll need to meet with an attorney and learn if she/he thinks you have a case. You are correct that your medical information is to be kept private and its disclosure is not legal without your permission, in most circumstances. However, you need to evaluate what is the purpose and benefit for suing, even if you win.

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