CEO Caught Doing Cocaine!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about CEO drug use and womanizing:

The CEO of our small company has been caught several times by co-workers doing cocaine. This person had no fear about doing it in the restaurant bathroom during our Christmas Party. While intoxicated at several company functions he has managed to hit on just about every woman in our office. He is married with two children!Here is the dilemma; the founder of the company will not fire him because he brings in a large sum of revenue each month. This is causing a huge division in our small company. No one respects or trusts this man to lead our organization or wants to report directly to him. I once loved my company and would do anything for the people and its founder. But now it is increasingly harder to work for a man you don’t trust or fear because of his drug induced mood swings. Please help! What should I do?

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