Cleaning A Gross Bathroom!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about responsibility for cleaning:

A customer left feces all over the toilet and restroom. I put an out of order sign on the restroom and called my General Manager. He told me to email my District telling him the toilet will be out of order until a cleaning crew comes to handle the job. We do not have the proper sanitation supplies (bleach, gloves, face masks, or a different apron from the one we use to make drinks) to clean the bathroom.

My District Manager said I needed to clean it up. I refused and he questioned my loyalty to the company as well as my ability of being a Shift Supervisor. He would not allow the store to open without a working restroom and our store opens at 6am. I tried to suggest a cleaning crew that would be 24/7 but all alternatives were declined by the District Manager.

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