Cussed and Threatened By Parents

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about abuse by clients:

We work for the school district dealing with registration of students and proof of residency from the parents. We are constantly sworn at, called names and verbally threatened by the parents who did not like the requirements we ask for. This is possibly because they do not reside in our school district and trying to forge the information. Our building is not secured; there are no security guard, buzzer to buzzing, or any of that protection. We do not have very much of support from our administrators. This constant abuse is starting to take a toll on our daily lives at home, and feel that school is not providing us with safe work environment. My questions are: what can we do in regard to our stress management? Can we state that our work environment is unsafe? If this continues and our situation worsens, can we claim workman’s comp? Please let me know.

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