Bait and Switch Compensation?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about commission pay:

I have worked for a fairly large corporation for about 10 years as a sales person. We were given a detailed compensation plan involving our commission pay that I signed and agreed to. Part of the contract stated that I would receive “merit points” as the form of commission pay when I sell a particular product. “Merit Points” can be used to purchase various merchandise from a third party company.

I began selling over millions of dollars worth of that one solution to only receive a large sum of “merit points” in return. As the company benefited from the millions of dollars that I sold, I grew more and more frustrated to only receive “merits points” in return for the hard work I put into my job. I addressed this to my leadership who agreed that it wasn’t fair for me to sell millions of dollars worth of product to be only given payment in a form that I could NOT use in my day-to-day livelihood. We both agreed that I would be given a certain percentage in real cash regarding my sales going forth. However, to avoid double dipping in my pay, I would not receive “merit points” if I accepted the cash. I immediately jumped on the offer and agreed.

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