When Can I Assume I’m Unemployed?

Question: My boss is ignoring my emails, calls and text messages. I work a “flex” schedule, meaning I get a new schedule before my current assignment ends. I have been working 72 hours or more every week for about two and a half months, but the current assignment is set to end in less than a week and I have not received a new schedule yet, although I’ve asked for one.

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How Often Should I Update My Supervisor?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about communicating with the boss:

How often should I update my supervisor as to what I have been doing, workwise?

Signed, Keeping Track

Dear Keeping Track:

Unless you’ve been told otherwise, there is no clear time frame for communicating with your manager about work. The following three ideas might be helpful for deciding in your specific situation.

1. Ask your manager if there is a time frame in which he would like to be updated. For example, would he like a weekly or monthly meeting or a weekly email?

2. Let your manager know when you have done something that he or she may need to know about or want to know about. Those times might be when there is a liability concern or when the results of your work may have an effect on other employees or on the group overall.

3. Make letting your manager know about your work become part of your routine conversations. Those conversations might touch on how you can improve your work, what tasks need to be done and what work you would like to do in the future. In those conversations you can reflect about recent work or special projects. You can also ask for advice or feedback. Unless an employee is very excessive about talking or writing, most managers would rather have a bit too much information than to have no information or only a little. Usually you can tell by observing a manager’s reactions whether or not he or she thinks you are communicating too much. But, when in doubt….ask.Best wishes with keeping your boss informed.

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