Promotion Hazards

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about competing for a promotion against a coworker friend: I know that it will be great to be in that position but I would sacrifice a friend in the workplace.

Recently my manager wants me to interview to be her assistant manager. That sounds great to me and not just for any sort of raise. However, I have a friend who is one level above me in command but he is a friend who’s wanted this position for a while now. My boss told me that he is going up for this position too even though she isn’t going to tell him until a week before hand. I am confident in my ability of doing the job and feel that I have a good chance at getting it. But that means I may surpass my friend. Either way I am at least interviewing for the position. My friend has issues with our subordinates and customers in general, but I am the opposite of him in that aspect. He is better at procedural things and projects than I am. So it seems even in different ways to me. But should I take the job if I get it?

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