Complaint About A Co-Worker Was Unintentional!

Question to Ask The Workplace Doctors:
Complaint about a coworker was unintentional!

“How can I tell my boss I didn’t mean to complain about my co-worker?”

I had a mandatory one on one meeting with my boss recently to go over how I was doing since being hired 4 short months ago.  It was a rushed meeting because we spent most of it going over the company website, then had 2 minutes left to go over my numbers and open questions/concerns.

In the process of discussing my work I informed her that I noticed a co-worker who has really high numbers is because she does not take a lunch. After much protesting of not telling my boss who it was, she said since I brought it up, she needed to know.

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Disrespectful Remarks About Veterans With Tattoos

 Question for Ask the Workplace Doctors regarding
disrespectful remarks about veterans with tattoos:

“The V.P. of my company made disrespectful remarks about me and other veterans,
because of my tattoos. What can I do?”

The Vice President of a major entertainment company where I work told my manager that he was not happy with the way I made a bank deposit the night before.  I would not have a problem if he just left it at that. He continued to degrade me by saying, “Is this the quality of work I can expect from the military? With that kind of discipline and attention to detail I can understand why all these soldiers are getting killed in Afghanistan and Iraq. That’s why he has tattoos on his arms and his cousin has a big tattoo on his back–no discipline. I am concerned.”

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Complaint Against Me–I’m In Limbo

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about malicious complaint:

I work for an “airline” company, but spend most of my time inside a customer location. I have been with my company for 15 years and been inside this customer location for 4 years without problems. Recently, a worker at the customer location bypassed his managers and company and went directly to my manager. This person accused me of using abusive language and bad body language? I had my manager contact my coworker and the customer location managers as my part of the investigation, because they know my personality and know I am not a person who uses abusive or profanity at the workplace. This person intentionally jumped over the “chain of command” of his own company to mine just to be malicious. Now I am waiting in limbo for what my company wants to do? What rights do I have?

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