Should I Politely Decline to Network by Internet?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about ex-coworker contact:

I recently received an e-invitation to connect with a ex-coworker.This co-worker and I entered the same workplace within months of each other but over time our building relationship deteriorated. I had a certain tasks for which I was responsible, but a few additional tasks were introduced which (due to workload constraints) I could not handle so she took a hold of those tasks. These tasks were always short lived projects however.

From time to time, the procedures I would need to follow to perform my tasks would need to be adjusted so I would go to my supervisor, I was assigned to and present the case. Sometimes, being my first job, I would ask my supervisor a hypothetical situation and get his views before I proceed to do something. At times, I would discuss one or two personal issues which may affect my work performance (only mentioned out of courtesy and I would close to door for privacy).

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