Undermined In My Absence

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about dealing with a complaint:

I am a member of a small team. On a leave day a coworker of a different profession and higher status role, threatened to make an official complaint against me for doing something she had done in an earlier situation. Our manager said she would handle it and she spoke to me very nicely about it. I pointed out the similarities in the cases. What she didn’t mention was that the complaining employee talked about making an official complaint in front of my coworkers, in my absence and in an open setting. My other coworkers told me about it.  am angry and feel my integrity has been rubbished and I do not want to remain with this team. I view all of this as a form of constructive dismissal. I intend to vote with my feet, as do my colleagues. Do I have grounds to file a grievance against my coworker?

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