Complaints About Coworkers

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about warning procedure:

Does a coworker who complains about me have to put it in writing? Or, can it just be verbal but I still can get a warning from my supervisor?

Signed, Want it in Writing

Dear Want it in Writing:

I’m paraphrasing what I think is your question. It was very brief and I may have missed the specific concern.There are no laws governing issues of this nature, but in most workplaces a general complaint by one employee about the behavior or work of another doesn’t have to be put in writing if the only result will be a mild correction by the supervisor. If there is likely going to be disciplinary action a written complaint is usually required–either at the time or as the result of an interview with the supervisor–so there is documentation of all the facts.Please let us know if this doesn’t address your concerns. Write again with a bit more detail and we’ll be happy to respond to the specific issue. Best wishes!

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