Dealing With A Colleague Who Edits My Work

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a coworker who changes her/his written work.

How do you deal with a colleague who edits your report so much it does not look like your writing anymore?

Signed, I Stand Corrected


Dear I Stand Corrected:

From here, it is impossible for me to know why your coworker has access to and edits your reports. Your use of the term “colleague” implies that this person isn’t your superior, yet editing is that part of her/his job description. Are you working on projects together and “your report” is in fact a joint report? Or is the colleague assertive and coerces you to submit what you will report for her/his review before finally submitting it? From the little you’ve sent about the nature of your work and because I can’t see what has been corrected in a report, there is no way for me to ascertain if the editing is justified.

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Team Lead Ratting To Supervisor

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about one leader reporting on another: What does one do with this type of information?

I have checked the archives, and didn’t see this question asked yet. I’d really appreciate your advice. I supervise two senior employees, who lead two teams. The senior employees need to work together, and both report to me directly. Team Lead 2 has brought to my attention that Team Lead 1 has instructed Team 1 members not to discuss with Team 2 anything that Team Lead 1 tells Team 1, even though these teams must work together. It appears that Team Lead 2 thinks that Team Lead 1 is not being up front, not being cooperative, not being a team player, and could be saying false things about Team Lead 2. I asked why Team Lead 2 told me these things, and what action he wanted me to take. He said just “thought I should know.” What does one do with this type of information? Thank you very much.

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