Coworker Hates Me

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about coworker dislike:

My coworker seems to hate me. She takes pretty much everything I say or ask offensively. She gets upset when I remind her to do something at work that she is supposed to do but hasn’t done yet. Today she cursed at me in front of clients. She won’t bring up issues and when I bring them up, she talks about them briefly until we both seem to be on the same page but then the same old issues come up again and again. She told me that she doesn’t like me bringing issues to her attention and would prefer me to talk to our supervisor instead, so that’s what I am doing, but my supervisor doesn’t seem to be doing anything, either. I have never had a problem like this with anyone. I’ve been told by my last two bosses that I have a great way of saying things so that people can hear them and not be offended. I don’t understand what I can do so that my coworker is not always muttering under her breath, making snide comments, gossiping, yelling, and cursing at me in front of and around the clients we work with.

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