Co-Worker Coming to Work Reeking of Alcohol

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about coworker drunk:

I have worked at a CPA’s office for 4 years now, and I love the job and they love me. But I have a problem with a drunken co-worker that the boss won’t do anything about. The alcoholic co-worker shows up drunk.

The office manager, who has worked there for 24 years, tells the boss to send her home and he does nothing. She smells really bad of alcohol; clients have smelled it and complained. She is still working on the books for them and sees them when she reeks of alcohol. I had a good client complain to me to get to my boss, and still he did nothing when I told him what she said.The alcoholic co-worker drives from home to work drunk all the time. Police will only get involved if I call 911 from behind her car when she is drunk. If it is on the way to work, how do I know if it is a drinking day or not? I can’t report her if she is sober. I won’t know she is sober until she is at work! I am very upset we have a small office, and she is impossible to avoid. I work with her on stuff, and we only have 8 people working in our office. Three are owners, the rest employees. Help!!!!!!!!!! Thanks.

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