Ignored by Co-worker

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about loud, brash coworker who ignores me:

I work with a girl who chooses to be cold to me at all times. It really bothers me and I have asked her about it. She said there is nothing wrong, but still treats me cold by ignoring me and rude when she has to talk to me. The history is this: She has been with company for 4 years. I have been there for 2, but was previously there for 15. We are on the same level. We were friends at first, always discussing new ways and better methods to improve our work. I really enjoyed our work friendship. Although I knew she was controlling; it didn’t affect me in a negative way. She took our ideas, claimed as hers, and presented this to our manager of a “new and improved standard” for our department. She fought hard to get these new standards in effect, which really upset the entire department. She created a lot of hostility and tension as she tried to control and implement new standards with our manager’s support. She ousted herself from our department. She acted very vindictive to our lead and tried hard to get her fired, which didn’t work. She eventually got tired of me, as she didn’t need me anymore for ideas.

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