Loud & Inappropriate Telephone Etiquette

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about telephone  etiquette:

My coworker will speak endlessly on phone, loudly and will spin her chair turning her back to anyone, including boss, who dares try to cut her conversation short. She has argued loudly with her boyfriend, belittled him, and when all is well she will easily talk about “last night” and go into various details of what she especially enjoyed. She says to me he is so oversexed, she can’t sleep some nights. I have tried saying do you need to be alone, left room, told her well that’s so personal I don’t think I can answer that. I told her she needs to keep home life out of work. Put on ear buds, put music, and pretend to be deaf. Boss hasn’t done anything really. She will argue back and be loud, as if she will win by being loud and in truth it worked for her. Seven years and only getting worse.

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