Just Married And A Flirt Lied About Us!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about  starting a false rumor:

My husband and I met at work a few years ago and were just married in August. In our office, there is a young lady who is very flirtatious with all the guys, including my husband. She has even accused a few guys of sexual harassment and eventually admitted that they were not true.

Then shortly after our wedding, one of the managers came into my office to talk to me about something that this lady had told her. She told her and a few other managers that my husband and I dropped my stepson off in front of someone’s house and left him standing outside their door and drove off to go to our wedding. This is a blatant lie. My stepson was the ring bearer in our wedding and we would never leave him anywhere unattended. Then we had to go out of our way to clear this up with management.

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