Saw Co-workers Engaging In Sex

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about cowrkers’ sexual behavior:

I witnessed two co-workers sexual behavior at work. Should I report it? One co-worker has expressed hostile behavior towards me at work. But because no one saw or heard anything, I was unable to prove it. Nor did anyone but me see the two engaging in sex, so I can not prove it just like the hostility expressed at me. What should I do?

Signed, I Saw Them

DearĀ I Saw Them:

My advice in a word is No. Why set your self up for a challenge to your word against the two who likely will deny your accusation. Just tend to your own work and build a record of cooperation, not tattling. The supervisor will catch on if the work doesn’t get done and the two are frequently making sparks fly. How you would like for someone, who thought you were doing something against workplace policy, to report that without first coming to you? You are wise to weigh what you say before you speak. Thinking of the good for all concerned is what I call WEGO mindedness.

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