Eavesdropping Coworker

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about coworker’s interfering comments:

I have a coworker that loves to comment from her nearby office while I am on the phone talking to customers. She yells over from her office how I should be handing the call, what I am saying wrong or will even ask who I am talking to while still on the phone. How do I make her stop this?

Signed, Overheard

DearĀ Overheard:

It sounds as though your coworker has yelled from the other room many times. You don’t mention if you are the only other employee or if there are others and she does this to everyone. I’ll assume that you’ve at least tried to let her know that you don’t like her actions. Now is the time to do something forceful enough to make her stop.First, talk to your supervisor or manager about it. Take the approach that you want to let the supervisor know your plans to solve a problem. Describe the problem by saying what your coworker does and the effect it has on you and your work. Your supervisor should be aware of what has been happening, but at least this way there is no question.Among the things you may say about the effect on work is that it makes you feel that she doesn’t respect your ability to handle a call, it’s upsetting for her to imply you have to check with her, the people on the phone can hear her and its very distracting at the time as well as after you hang up, because you’re usually so upset.

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