Cussed Out By A Doctor

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about cussed by doctor:

How should I handle being cussed at by a Doctor at the nurses’ station, I am a nurse. What avenues do I have to complain or fight back?

Signed, Disgusted

Dear Disgusted:

Your hospital undoubtedly has policies about what communication and behavior are acceptable and what’re not, also channels and procedures for complaints. Consult your policy book and speak with your Department of Human Resources or Personnel Office if you want to register a formal complaint. If you have a nurses’ union, consult your representative. Your question implies that you are angry with the doctor who cussed you and you want to “fight”. That is a normal reaction when one feels demeaned, and it is good that you do not want to be disrespected. Your hospital procedures may call for one to handle complaints through channels between doctor and nurse representatives– rather than one-on-one, nurse to doctor or doctor to nurse.

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