Boss Hung Up On Me And I Talked Back

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about worrying over cussing boss:

I was scheduled to work but woke up very sick. I tried to call my boss but didn’t get an answer so I went on to work. An hour after being there and feeling like I was going to pass out, I finally got in touch with her telling her I was sick and needed to go home could she come in to work?

She had recently moved and became very annoyed and said no she couldn’t because she was unpacking. I called two other coworkers with no luck, I called my manager back and she again became very annoyed and said she’d find someone, then she hung up on me. The previous day she had been bragging about hanging up on a coworker and it angered me and I did not want the same humiliation. I was very angry at this point, and upset because she would not help me out. I have been an employee for 7 yrs. and rarely call in sick.

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