Federal Holidays

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about pay for holidays:

Can you please tell me what the law says in regards to federal holidays? In this weak economy the hourly employees at the company I work for has not only cut our hours from 40 per week to 28 per week but we were just informed today that we will no longer be paid for holidays. Again this only pertains to the hourly employees and not the salaried employees. I don’t know if it makes a difference as to the field I work in but I work for a construction company in Southern California. Thank you.

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Need To Work Fewer Hours. Mum’s Poorly

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about cut in hours:

I asked at work to reduce my hours from 25 to 20 permanently. They first said no- way. We need you, but then agreed on a temp contract until June. This is no good for me. I am very annoyed because I need to cut my hours are: my mum is poorly and I do a lot of work for her. Also I am finding it too much as I have a young child. They say that I must again work 25 hours in June.

Signed, Caretaker

Dear Caretaker:

Hold on. Keep your cool. If you are needed for 25 hours, but feel that is too much, your options are: (1) To state your case clearly and passionately and persist in your request. (2) To think creatively about how you might adjust your hours so that you can do the 25 your employer requires. (3) To look elsewhere for part-time work at fewer hours.

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