How Can I Get Compensated For Damaged Property?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about :

My manager admitted to HR, another colleague, and me that he destroyed my personal property (valued at around $350) due to a violent outburst several months ago. He claims it was not personal and did apologize, but I highly doubt this for two reasons. One being there was internal conflict in our department, my coworker and I complained against him, complaints about his use of language and having fits where he would throw items when angry. Secondly, out of all the 100s of items in our work area, he just happens to choose MY equipment. Furthermore he stated he would replace the item, but never followed through. Let us take for granted that I did sign a waiver stating the company I worked for was not liable for any loss of personal property. Honestly I do not know, but I am assuming so since this is a very large corporation. But I believe my circumstances are quite different from what is detailed in those documents. What are my rights when a manager admits to wrongdoing and destruction of property?

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