First Time In 20 Years I Hate Going To Work

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a Director’s deadlines :

I’d like to describe for you the current situation at my workplace, and ask for any advice you can offer. I work directly for an Area Director of Management with a “dotted line” to a new Corporate Area Director of Technology. It is this dotted line and the Director of Technology that I am having a problem with.The ADT sets unreasonable deadlines, schedules conference calls, out-of-town meetings and Gant Charts/projects which monopolize my time, making it impossible to do the duties required by the ADM. He lauds his “corporate designation” as his right to first dibs on my time. Also, the ADT consistently calls my home after hours (sometimes from a local bar where he has been spotted by numerous employees) with petty questions and concerns that are able to be addressed during work hours, makes job threats that if his “deadlines aren’t met heads will roll,”, these deadline are consistently 30 days earlier than our corporate deadlines which has been pointed out, to the response that “this is his system, not corporate’s.” This behavior has made it impossible for me to perform my duties effectively and caused undue stress at home as well at as work. For the first time in 20 years at this company I hate going to work. What legal recourse, if any, do I have in this situation? Thank you.

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