My Employer Died. What Now?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about death of employer:

I have worked as a personal assistant for an amazing couple for the last 5 years. almost 2 years ago the woman who I was originally hired and worked closely with passed away. She was more than a boss she was my best friend and like a second mother to me. Her husband was married to her for 52 years and I believe went into complete shock and reverted to acting like a teenager the last 21 months.

After the wife passed away I kept my job and assumed all responsibilities as if I was the wife (only domestically of course). The husband and I began a close friendship as well and dealing with him on a personal level (dating a young Venezuelan girl who he just threw money to and treated him terribly) and even on a business level (he brought personal arguments into my job, etc.) has been an absolute nightmare and huge burden.

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