How Do I Decline A Job Interview After Accepting?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about declining a job interview:

I am trying to find the appropriate way to decline a job interview after I have accepted it. I am very sure of this decision after speaking with the interviewer over the phone for logistics. I didn’t feel right. What is the right thing to do? The interview is next Wednesday. Thank You.

Signed, Changed My Mind

Dear Changed My Mind:

Most employers–especially government offices or large companies–are well aware that people DO change their minds–even up to the point of AFTER the interview and a job offer. They will probably be interviewing several people, so for you to drop out may disappoint them, but not ruin their hiring process. I have had HR call a few minutes before an interview to tell me that someone dropped out of the process. I was always sorry to hear that we had one less candidate, but I knew we would find a good person anyway.

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